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About FEED:Xtreme

Sports content has never been more popular, and our connected world means audiences can engage with their favorite teams or events anytime, anywhere. Powerful digital tools mean that even niche sports and local teams can connect with fans around the globe.

FEED:Xtreme is a bimonthly print and digital magazine, accompanied by content across multiple media – including video, web and events. Whether you’re a broadcaster, a stadium, an esports company, a college conference or even a high school team, Xtreme will offer you case studies, tech profiles, research and expert opinion to help take your media to the next level.

Key editorial topics:

Live broadcast
Delivering the action as it happens is more than just getting the shot. It’s also having the right workflows, communications and distribution partners. In sports broadcast, there’s only one chance to capture the moment. Learn how the experts are innovating on the pitch and in the studio. 

 Stadiums & arenas
Fans now expect a rich multi-platform experience when they go to the big game. State of the art broadcast infrastructure, multi-screen entertainment and 5G have come together to make going out to the ballgame a spectacle for all the senses. Whether your installing 5g or just want to put up digital signage, Xtreme can help you turn your venue into a full spectrum hub for sports entertainment. 

 OTT & streaming
Easily available platforms mean that even a small sports brand can reach people anywhere in the world. Whether you’re broadcasting via social media or through your own dedicated platform, Xtreme will introduce you to the new technologies and techniques, leveraging everything that internet distribution has to offer. 

Fan engagement & monetisation
Now you’ve got fans, how do you keep them? And how can you use subscriptions, advertising, new platforms and live events to boost revenue and expand your offering? Xtreme looks at the business of sports, and how technology can help you transform sports passion into sports business.

Esports & tech
Pro video gaming is one of the biggest sports moneymakers around right now, with viewing figures that dwarf international sporting tournaments. Xtreme covers not just the latest in esports production and events around it, but all the new ways technology turns competition into dazzling media.